What is xID?
xID is an innovative solution that enables you to connect with people digitally using your mobile phone. It works both offline and online. You do not need to carry paper business cards any more. Besides the convenience, it is also more eco-friendly and provides many other useful smart features. It is simply faster, smarter and greener!
How to use xID as my Digital Business Card?
Step 1 - Create your xID using our Mobile App
Step 2 - Show it to the person you meet for QR code scanning
Step 3 - Your contacts details will be stored directly into the person's smart phone address book.

The person you meet DO NOT need to have xID Mobile App installed. He or she can use any QR code scanning App or iOS 11 native camera App to scan and receive your contacts.
Can I have more than 1 xIDs?
Yes! By default, you can create up to 2 xIDs per account upon registration. To obtain more xIDs, simply recommend your friends to use xID app by clicking on the recommend icon 👍🏻.
Is internet connection required to use xID?
Internet connection is not required for exchanging your digital business card by showing your Digital Business Card (xID) for scanning. It is only required when you are syncing contacts updates and backing up xIDs to our cloud server
Will I still need paper cards or other physical devices to use xID?
All you need is an Android or iOS smart phone with xID Mobile App. You do not need to carry stacks of paper business cards or any other devices.
With xID, there is no need to apologise for running out of paper business cards or worry about forgetting to bring them along anymore!
If I update my xID, will my updated info be automatically send to people whom has scanned my xID before?
Upon saving changes to your xID, you will have the option whether to push your updates to people who have scanned your xID before. If you choose to push your updated info, our system will send out your updated info to people who has scanned your xID before and has xID installed.
People who does not have xID Mobile App installed will only receive the updates after they install the xID Mobile App
Can I sign-in to the same account on different mobile devices?
Yes, you can. Your xIDs and xContacts data are synced automatically across all your mobile devices whenever you launch xID Mobile App with internet connection.
What is xContacts?
xContacts are contacts created by scanning other xIDs, they are automatically updated whenever there is a push update from the xID owner.
You can take Quick Notes and create Tags for xContacts in your xID Mobile App, these data are automatically synced to your account and only you can see them. 
Where are the contacts created via xID Mobile App stored?
If a contact was created via scanning aother person's xID, it will be stored in your smart phone Contacts App default address book and also linked to your xID account for any push updates from the contact. Contacts created via scanning of xID are also known as xContacts.

If a contact was created via manual entry in xID Mobile App, it will only be stored in your smart phone Contacts App default address book.
No data will be synced or stored to our servers for contacts created via manual entry. But it will still be shown in xID address book.
Does xID Mobile App works with Google or iCloud contacts?
Any contacts created or updated via xID Mobile App are synced automatically to your Google contacts or iCloud Contacts via your smart phone contacts App depending on which CardDav services you are using as your default address book.
There are no special settings or configuration required by you as long as you allow permission for xID Mobile App to access your contacts.
If I decide to uninstall xID Mobile App after using it for some time, will any of my contacts be deleted or missing?
No contacts will be deleted if you uninstall xID Mobile App, all contacts created via xID Mobile App has a local copy saved in your smart phone Contacts App default address book.
Can I scan my existing contacts paper business card using xID?
xID Mobile App does not support paper business card scanning functions because OCR scanning is error prone, tedious and requires additional effort to check and edit errors.
It is faster and smarter to use xID Mobile App to exchange contacts. With xID smart update, you and your xContacts are updated automatically whenever updates are made subsequently.
Is my xID data publicly available to everyone?
No, your xID is shared only to people you choose because we design xID with personal data privacy in mind. In some other digital business card solutions, your personal data is actually accessible publicly via a url due to their design.
Your xID data will only be available to people who have scanned your xID in person or any 3rd party services you have shared your xID to.
Will you spam me and my contacts or sell my personal data?
We understand the importance of personal data privacy and hate spam. We will not sell your data or spam you with advertisements.

Our revenue is generated from Enterprise managed Digital Business Cards and other cloud solutions that improve business processes.
What language is supported?
Currently, only English is supported but we will progressively roll out more language support in the upcoming updates.
Which QRcode reader/scanner Apps is compatible with xID QRcode?
Most of the QRcode reader/scanner Apps in Google Play store and iOS App store can be used to scan and save xID QRcode into contact details as long as they are able to process vCard QRcode format.
Why it is better to use xID App built in QRcode scanner to scan xID QRcode?
xID App built in QRcode scanner ensures 100% data accuracy when scanning xID QRcode and activate the following features in your phone:
- Received Smart Update of the xContact data from the xID owner
- Write Quick Notes about the xContact
- Add Tags to xContact
- Auto Sync your xContact on different devices

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